VOLUME 2 - NUMBER 3 - 2022

Addressing local bone loss in the proximal femurs of women at high risk of fracture

  • Mario Paracuollo, Achille Pellegrino, Adriano Santulli, Giuseppe Pellegrino
  • Original article, 115-119
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  • Proximal femoral fractures in older women are a worldwide leading cause of morbidity and mortality and a public health problem. Although pharmacological therapies can improve bone mineral density (BMD) and reduce fracture risk, current efforts are focused on researching a procedure that guarantees both immediate and long-lasting effectiveness over time. The AGN1 local osteo-enhancement procedure is a recently developed bone augmentation procedure. This minimally-invasive surgical approach is used to prepare an enhancement site, the area where new bone is desired within a local bony region weakened by osteoporotic bone loss, and fill it with a triphasic, resorbable, calcium-based implant material. This procedure results in a notable, statistically significant and sustained long-term increase in proximal femur BMD and femoral strength, improving femoral neck resistance to compression and distraction forces acting on it and thereby preventing fall-related fractures.

  • KEY WORDS: Proximal femur fracture, osteoporosis, Fracture Liaison Service (FLS), Local Osteo-Enhancement Procedure (LOEP)